Design Focus

Heikki Walden has undertaken comprehensive education in the field of interior design.  This is because the element of design is increasingly becoming a component of the overall real estate market and is starting to have a significant impact on property value.

Even as recently as the early 2000s people were content with simply having the basics in their home.  A house was ok if it contained a few essential elements that sustained a family.  But now our society is changing so that many want more than the simple basics.

Major cultural developments such as peoples’ interest in wellness and food-culture, the pervasive impact of technology and the internet, evolving demographics such as multi-generational families, more people living as singles as smaller family units, and principles of Universal or Inclusive Design are shaping entirely new trends in housing.

One large example of the change in design tastes is in the finishes that condo developers are using in their new construction projects.  Until about the mid-2000s condo kitchens and baths were outfitted with laminate countertops and basic cabinets and door finishes with standard white appliances.   Currently, however you will never see any of those previously standard finishes.  The new condo buyer wants stone surfaces such as granite or quartz, fancier soft-close drawers and door mechanisms, stainless steel or even integrated appliances with a European branding.

Kitchen design is one area where the biggest changes are apparent.  In upscale homes, for example, the size of refrigerators has increased from 30 inches to 36 inches and now to 42 and 48 inches.   Wine fridges, multiple sinks, multiple dishwashers and zoning of kitchen areas is the new approach.   People want to have customization of their living spaces for their specific preferences and interests rather than simply accepting basic standardized design.

Universal Design, or Inclusive Design is a term that is heard more frequently.  Universal design is a principle of design that is equitable and meets the needs of a great number and variety of people.  A home that is designed with these principles in mind functions for the benefit of all the residents and visitors to a home.   We are still at the early stages of trends such as Universal Design, but housing that is adaptable and welcoming and useable by all is a goal to strive for.   Developments in materials and technology are part of what enables progress in this area.

By applying the rules of good interior design to modern real estate Heikki Walden has been able to help such people as renovators and architects to plan their projects better and to include elements that reflect the trends that buyers expect to see.

Good design adds to the enjoyment of one’s home but also to the resale value and its desirability in the overall marketplace.   When you work with a Realtor Heikki Walden who has comprehensive design training, and who has developed relationships with designers, suppliers and installers, you are enabled to move ahead confidently knowing you are making good decisions and spending your money wisely.